Blackjack at Online Vegas Casino

Blackjack game at Online Vegas Casino is presented by flash games as well as full-fledged software. While playing flash games player could choose one of three varieties of Blackjack. Those are traditional Blackjack, Blackjack with progressive jackpot and Vegas Strip Blackjack.

The aim of the game is to collect an amount of points closest to 21. If first hand falls 21 points, then combination is treated as Blackjack, and withdrawal on it makes 3:2. If an amount of points collected is more that stickman’s one, then withdrawal makes 2:1. With an equal amount of points bet is returned to player; with a lower amount or pip out the bet is assigned in favor of online casino. Player has a right to ask for spreading same cards on two different bets; in this case cards are placed above the box. If the amount of cards’ value at the first hand is equal to 10 or 11, player has a right to make double. Opportunity to play on some boxes simultaneously is provided. Minimum bet is $1.

After full version software download and installation players receive an opportunity to try their luck in one another version of Blackjack as Perfect Pairs Blackjack. Additional bets on a “Perfect Pairs wager” are made here. There are Coloured Pair (colored cards of one color, but different leads), Face value (cards of one value), Mixed Pair (different leads) and Perfect Pair (one lead), Pair (cards of a kind with the same face value). You may found at lobby amounts of withdrawal and full description of rules playing blackjack at Online Vegas Casino.

Developers of Vegas Technology Software tried their best to make game management not only simple and clear, but enjoyable as well. Player’s wishes are sounded with man’s voice with velvet tone; card handing out and chips moving are accompanied with distinctive sounds; moderate buzz of hall full with gamers up to the hilt would bear your game company. Magnificent graphics allows appreciating the luxury of casino, sinking into its atmosphere and forgetting about being home while watching stickman’s manipulations.

Fans of this fascinating game may also participate in regular tournaments on Vegas Strip Blackjack and Perfect Pair Blackjack that are conducted at Online Vegas Casino.