Bonuses at Online Vegas Casino

Bonuses at Online Vegas Casino exist for attracting new customers. General amount of bonuses for the first 10 deposits makes not more than $5000. At the first glance the offer is not so generous. But after considering Online Vegas Casino closer, it’s easy to understand that it is focused mainly on gambling newcomers. Wager that allows to add casino premium to the own bankroll converting it into cash is very mild. It’s necessary to make bets on amount only tenfold higher than deposit+bonus. Many online casinos overwhelm with five-digit bonuses, but win them back to deposit is not only very difficult but sometimes just impossible. Games restrictions, time limit, huge amount of bets that it is about tenfold higher than prizes – all that gives reason to have doubt in the sincerity of such online casinos.

How program of bonuses at Online Vegas Casino is built? Player receives up to $500 premium (100% of deposit) with first deposit; second deposit brings him 125% (not more than $375), while third— 150% (but not more than $750). Than from 4th to 10th deposit casino adds 25% for each paid-in sum. Every bonus should be less than $250. Finally bonus at Online Vegas Casino for 10th deposit shocks with its generosity. Those 200% from sum less than $1000 in case of wager request fulfilling allow adding to your cash $2000 as a premium. It’s possible to understand how final amount of bonuses at Online Vegas Casino is received by simple adding. This program would encourage you at the first time giving an opportunity to enlarge pleasure of playing, acknowledge playing subtleties and taste your luck. The first bonus is charged to you automatically, in order to continue to participate in the bonus program you should paid in the deposit to enter the special Claim Code.

Right for additional bonus at Online Vegas Casino is given also with Pre-Paid Gift Card (up to 600$ for the first deposit + 10% for next ones). It’s possible to learn more about it by contacting Customers Support